Kohlrabi soup with chili and lemon

Dear summer,

we notice with a raised eyebrow that you are obviously just a little bit fickle. What's the point of this undecided Gehoppse between 13 and 32 degrees, huh? How should a Frollein prepare the weekend in a culinary way? It's no fun to sit on the sofa and stare into the gray rain with 3 kilos of the finest grilled meats and a small selection of lettuce in the fridge. And a soothing, warming casserole for rainy days is not a highlight in bright blue skies and a bikini alarm.

Therefore, dear summer, today we cheat Die and play a warm, delicious soup, which is like the summer itself tastes good. For this we take strong flavors such as chilli and lemon and make an irresistible liaison with kohlrabi and shallots.

So, poh.

Your Mel.

The kohlrabi is not just called by chance, but is actually one of the many breeding forms of cabbage. If you want to know more about the kohlrabi, visit Wikipedia quickly.

But let's start:

3 large kohlrabi > generously peel (> 800g), then sliced ​​and then cut into small cubes.

Finely chop 5 shallots . Halve 1 green chili pepper lengthways. To check how hot the chili pepper really is, hold your finger on the cut surface for a moment and then tap on the tongue tips. If the sharpness is restrained and pleasant, continue to process the whole chilli pepper. If the sharpness is very strong and * wwhhooooaoooooaaaaaa * use only half or a correspondingly smaller piece. In any case, wash your hands thoroughly with soap afterwards!

In a large pot 2 tablespoons butter (vegans use margarine or oil to taste) melt and steam the kohlrabi cubes, chopped shallots and chilli on medium heat for 8 minutes. The vegetables should not take any color, but only soften.

With 700 ml vegetable broth , 1 cup of cream ( or soy cream >). strong>) and 150 ml of milk ( or soy milk ). Season with salt , pepper and a pinch of sugar and simmer for 20 minutes on medium heat.

Then fish out the chili fish and puree the soup very finely. If the consistency is too firm, add another sip of broth. Season the soup with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and if necessary add sugar and salt.

Sprinkle in pretty bowls or cups with lemon balm or zest from a untreated lemon decorate.

And now spoon the spicy-lemony-sunny summer out of the soup bowl. The recipe comes from the Eat & Drink 8/2011. There are also many other tasty recipes with kohlrabi.