Heiligs Guetzli! (Free translation: Tasty biscuits, delicious look)

Heiligs WHAT? Big question marks appear when you read the strange words for the first time on the title of a small brown-colored booklet. In any case, I felt that way. Then I opened the little book, the question marks fizzled away and in the next 15 minutes I only had eyes for the pretty illustrations, leafed through, looked and grinned happily. The work with the (for German) somewhat difficult title is namely a very lovingly designed and lovingly designed fall time before Christmas cookie biscuit back-and-look-book. And I want to show you this:

And who invented it? Of course the Swiss. Some nice creative people got together and said to themselves "This year we just have our own baking book". For this they collect recipes from grandmas, aunts and relatives, find a publisher, illustrate, layout and texts and in the end "Heiligs Guetzli" is actually on the table.

Yeah, great! That should definitely happen again next year. I want to look again and be amazed and grin. But now I have to decide this year, which of the exciting recipes I want to bake together with Captain Chaos. Maybe the zebra cookies. Or the Canelés Bordelais? But the Mystic Mailänderli sound delicious too .... I'll report.

You can in the meantime, consider whether you want to make people with a pronounced penchant for beautiful design or cookie-crazy to grin with "Heiligs Guetzli". I've got a few in mind ... after all, Christmas is coming soon. Available to order on the Internet or in good bookstores.